SHORT DOCTORING is an educational program that aims to help filmmakers to develop their full-scale short film projects in Ukraine. The main goal of the program is to provide consultations by the leading experts in the industry to the young film directors who have their own film projects. The consultations will cover the following topics: script writing, producing models, fundraising abroad, production, distribution.

The program was initiated by the company “435 Films”  within “KISFF PRO” section of the Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2017. 

SHORT DOCTORING will be interesting and useful not only for professional directors who want to improve their skills, but also for those who are just about to begin their artistic career. The program includes consultations with the leading filmmakers who will provide the participants with unbiased and clear recommendations on every step of their projects. The famous professionals will share their rich experience and provide advice so that the participants could have better chances on the Ukrainian film market. 
SHORT DOCTORING 2017 experts will be announced soon. 

SHORT DOCTORING 2016 invited experts

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