24 april



The Last Visitor
Alexander Shkrabak
Ukraine / 2015, 21 min

The main character works as a bartender. The bar isn’t closed until the last guest. He’s forced to tolerate with different drunk people, to earn money for the treatment of his daughter. But this time the last visitor is quite strange, claiming he’s a true angel. Will the bartender believe an angel?

Tаrget 13 2015
Roman Popad'ko
Ukraine / 2016, 13 min

It's a story about a young man. He is hiding in the countryside in order to escape the war in his country. He can't stand violence and doesn't want to be a target for people he doesn't know. But suddenly he meets another view on the war. The decision should be made very quickly.

Nikon Romanchenko
Ukraine / 2015, 15 min

A young couple wants to leave the country. The girl's parents have divorced long ago. They mind her relationship with the young guy. The guy is spied upon. In spite of all that, the girl is trying to find the way out.

White Elephants
Yana Antonets
Ukraine / 2015, 15 min

An adaptation of Hemingway's story "White Elephants". The action takes place on a godforsaken old train station in the middle of beautiful Ukrainian mountains. We are witnessing the most difficult conversation in the lives of a man and a woman who are trying to justify their difficult decision and attempting to save the relationship.

The case
Andri Lagutin
Ukraine / 2016, 3 min

Is the one with a gun alsways a shooter?

Waitting for Margherita
Sviatoslav Kostiuk
Ukraine / 2016, 10:30 min

The friends try to make high-quality cinema... After an offer to shoot a commercial, an argument breaks out. Some of them don't want to go against their principles and artistic ambitions while the others need money.