Die Jacke / The Jacket

Patrick Vollrath

Austria / 2015, 9 min


A man and a woman walk through the Austrian streets clearly having just met. Heading to a bar they talk, flirt, drink and it’s clear that there’s a spark of attraction and lust between them. But when the girl head to the toilet, the man finds himself in an altercation with a bar patron over his football jacket. When the girl returns to intervene, the situation for the man only gets worse.



Janine Lenz

Austria / 2016, 10 min




Adele 1.jpg

Adele 1

Kurdwin Ayub

Austria / 2011, 5 min


As is common on youtube, Ayub speaks directly into the camera in the introduction, explaining that she is about to sing a song that especially suits her current situation. The song is Adele’s Someone Like You, a love song, which Ayub dedicates to her ex-boyfriend.


Schwitzen / Sweat

Iris Blauensteiner

Austria / 2014, 30 min


“Sweat” tells the last three days of a friendship between two girls. They live in a quiet village in the countryside. They are roaming through the surroundings, they go to parties, they watch videos and swim in the lake. Angry about the accustomed they develop new, unexpected power. And start to act it out.