• Kyiv cinema, Red hall (map)
  • 19 Velyka Vasylkivska Street
  • Kyiv, 02000
  • Ukraine

Is a festival even possible without a comedy program? This time we have prepared a special comedy selection that will show humor throughout its international versatility.
Humor from around the world in a short format is a real weapon against the seriousness that our cinematographers bring to the silver screens of the "Kyiv" cinema.

Q&A after the screening

To plant a flag Bobbie Peers.jpg

To plant a flag

Bobbie Peers

Norway, Iceland / 2018, 15 min

In preparation for the moon landing in 1969, NASA sent a team of astronaut to the lunar landscapes of Iceland. Their hi-tech training mission soon discovers what obstacles one can meet when facing an Icelandic sheep farmer.

Deportation Arjun Talwar, Sandro Wysocki.png


Arjun Talwar, Sandro Wysocki

Poland / 2018, 21 min

After witnessing the ‘lucky’ deportation of a friend, Halim attempts to commit an offence in order to be repatriated. He hadn’t counted on meeting a pretty Slav policewoman…



Johan Palmgren

Sweden / 2018, 15 min

During a romantic escapade, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident. This crime will not go unpunished.

WILD LOVE Maryka Laudet.png


Maryka Laudet

France / 2018, 5 min

In order to rectify the poor bus accessibility at Slussen station, the city council, as per the municipal board’s recommendation, erects so-called ‘bus traps’ on the street. The ensuing chaos gives rise to a tragi-comic societal satire no one saw coming.

Vihta François Bierry.jpg


François Bierry

France, Belgium / 2017, 22 min

Serge and his four colleagues work in a small company that has just been brought out by a large corporation. As a welcoming gift, they are invited by their new employer to spend a day of relaxation at a spa.