• Kyiv cinema, Blue hall (map)
  • 19 Velyka Vasylkivska Street
  • Kyiv, 02000
  • Ukraine

Shakti Martín Rejtman.jpg


Martín Rejtman

Argentina, Chile / 2019, 19 min

The day Federico's grandmother dies, he decides to part with his girlfriend. He fears hurting her. But when the time comes, she beats him to it. But then he finds the last memory of his recently departed grandmother and everything changes.

Acid Rain Tomek Popakul.jpg

Acid Rain

Tomek Popakul

Poland / 2019, 26 min

Somewhere in the Eastern Europe. Young runs away from her depressing hometown. Her early enthusiasm about the hitch-hike falls when she finds herself in the city outskirts in the middle of the night. At the bridge she meets a figure balancing unsafely on the guardrail. That’s how she meets Skinny – a kind of unstable weirdo. Skinny lives in a camping van, which he uses to run his not-so-legal job errands. Together with him, she sets on a journey with no destination. As the ride continues a particular affection grows between the two of them.

New Land Broken Road Kavich Neang.jpg

New Land Broken Road

Kavich Neang

Cambodia / 2018, 15 min

Phnom Penh at night. Three young hip-hop dancers drive a single motorbike and stop on a muddy deserted road. Nick leaves the others to look for an iPhone he heard was lost in the area. Piseth and Thy discuss their hopes and doubts, and Piseth shows his best Michael Jackson moves. They meet Leakhena, a young female street vendor whose cart is full of colors.

Precious  Irfan Avdić.jpg


Irfan Avdić

Bosnia & Herzegovina / 2018, 27 min

After finding out that high school excursion to Italy is being rescheduled, Alem (17), an orphan living with his grandmother, decides to take action and obtain money by any means neccessary. Guided by his role model Paze, who offers him to take part in an armed robbery, his manhood and future criminal credibility is put to the test. Driven by a strong sense of shame because of his social status and poverty, Alem tries to balance his tough-guy image among his friends and over-controlling grandmother for who he feels obliged to provide for. Deeply affected by a traumatic experience, he is left with a bitter-sweet taste – something he craved for turned out to be an enormous burden to carry on through his life.