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KISFF for KIDS films are about support and inspirational friendship, the importance of a responsible attitude towards nature and the world, and human rights that must be respected under any circumstances. They are also about the desire to be yourself, even when it seems that everything and everyone around holds you back.

Recommended age: 5+


Brooklyn Breeze

Alex Budovsky

USA / 2017, 4 min

It is a visual journey through different parts of Brooklyn, some of the iconic spots and others not often seen by the visitors, based on a tune recorded by New York based Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra.



Christian Kaufmann

Germany / 2018, 5 min

A hiker arrives at a shielded cliff by the rocky whites of a rough coast. Here is where he starts building his new home, but wind and weather keep beating his back and his house over and over. Driven by his stubborn optimism, he takes up the fight against the windy circumstances.


The calves

Bela Bulgakova

Germany / 2019, 11 min

A cow adopts an orphaned baby rhino, and together with her native calf they live a peaceful life. One day a mother cow disappears and the calves go on a trip to find her. One morning an interesting smell brings them to a village, where a human girl picks deliciously looking carrots.



Luis Enrique Cortez Castillo

Mexico / 2018, 4 min

Lainela, a city girl have to move like every day in her car to the school, but one day her car breaks down and she needs to use another transport alternative to arrive to her destination. This journey changes the perspective of her surroundings and she is confront in a chaotic world with a lot of social and environmental problems.


Things Don’t Have Rights

Nicolai Troshinsky

United Kingdom / 2018, 5 min

Unlike humans, things don't have rights. By abusing objects in these films we hope to demonstrate the realities of abusing humans.



Antoine Marchand

France / 2018, 2 min

In a fish merchant's store, once night has fallen, two soloists perform, with great emotion, La Traviata by Verdi, offering us a highly stylish choreography.


Coucouleurs / Colorbird

Oana Lacroix

Switzerland / 2018, 6 min

In a large forest where single-coloured birds live, everyone has found his place in a tree that looks like him. But what happens when a bird has two colours?


White Crow / Bijela Vrana

Miran Miosic

Croatia / 2018, 9 min

Little White Crow is not the perfect match in the flock of black crows. On the contrary she is often laughed at and bullied. But when flock environment goes through turbulent changes, little White Crow helps them find a better place to live.

Fire in Cardboard City Stills 01.jpg

Fire in Cardboard City

Phil Brough

New Zealand / 2017, 9 min

Cardboard City is on Fire! The worst thing that could possibly happen has happened. Only Fire Chief John McCard and his trusty deputies to save the citizens of Cardboard City from annihilation.