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  • Velyka Vasylkivska St, 19

Adolescence is problematic. Sometimes it’s hurtful. It seems much easier to be ignorant and stay away from disturbing reality that haunts you every now and then. But what will you do when the reality finally manages to squeeze you tight and tear the flesh from you? What will you choose? To run or fight?

Recommended age: 13+


A perfect me, A perfect you

Dina Bukva

UK, Austria / 2018, 5 min

Susie and Lucy are friends since five years. They met each other over Ofelia. Ofelia is fabulous. She is a fashion-lover, influencer and on Instagram Ofelia describes herself as the perfect combination of sexy and cute. Susie and Lucy are really good friends but their friendship is also followed by jealousy and small tragedies. Ofelia is becoming a closer friend to Lucy, Susie wants more Instagram-Likes and the same Gucci pullover that Ofelia has.


Mirage My Bros / Miragem Meus Putos

Diogo Baldaia

Portugal / 2017, 24 min

An elemenary school class without a teacher, a contract signing with a giant football club and a new year's eve party. Three tales tinged with aspiration and the desire to escape express a look into a youth absorbed by the power of dreams and the harshness of reality.


The Animal

Sebastian Kass

Norway / 2018, 25 min

Siri, 15, receives a call from child protection services who have heard that she might be facing problems in her family. A visit is planned at her house on Saturday. Siri has two days to regain control over her life and give the illusion of a healthy and happy family environment.


All These Creatures

Charles Williams

Australia / 2018, 13 min

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the little creatures inside us all.



Félix Imbert

France / 2018, 23 min

It is the end of summer, 6pm. Logan is meeting his best friend who is being let out of a psychiatric ward. Theo has been treated there for 2 weeks after an accident. Before Theo’s mum arrives, the two boys run away to the biggest rave party of their lives. Logan thinks that Theo has changed, a truth he can feel but refuses to acknowledge. The two boys continue their escape through the mountains, to a party that remains out of reach.